What can Cover Desk virtual professionals do?

What do you need?

Your Cover Desk virtual team member can be trained to do multiple tasks, including:

  • ID Cards
  • Cancellation Processing Evidence of Insurance
  • Policy Checking
  • Lienholder Changes
  • Data Entry for Quotes
  • After Hours Phone Service
  • Changes to Billing
  • Basic Certificates*
  • Dec Page Requests Mortgage Changes
  • Requests for Copies of Documents
  • File Auditing
  • Claims Follow Up
  • Data Entry for Remarkets Payments
  • Removing Vehicles
  • Audit Follow Up
  • Telemarketing Management System Clean Up
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • And much more!

The process to hire a virtual assistant through Cover Desk is easier than you realize. To find the right person, Cover Desk works with you to conduct a two-stage interview. That’s right. You’re in control of who you hire. We don’t assign anyone to you. They have to be the right fit for your insurance agency.

How many hours can your team member work?

Cover Desk virtual professionals work a minimum of 40 hours per week per team member. You can request additional hours as needed. You pay for their time, but you don’t have to pay their benefits, payroll tax, or unemployment. Cover Desk takes care of that, and your overhead goes down.

What makes Cover Desk different from other outsource options?

Once you select the team member(s) that best fit your agency needs, you train them to follow your processes through virtual meetings. They come to the job with their own skill set, but they’re ready and able to learn how you do business. This isn’t a nameless, faceless virtual assistant. Your Cover Desk virtual professional is a customer-facing team member hired to work for your agency and help achieve your goals.

*Available at a special introductory rate