Here at Cover Desk we have one priority: helping independent insurance agencies grow, thrive, and innovate in the 21st century. We do this by offering your insurance agency access to highly educated virtual assistants from the Philippines. Cover Desk offers the administrative help you need without killing your budget.


How do we do it? We used the Cover Desk method before there was a Cover Desk. As a result we made our own independent insurance agencies more efficient and profitable while offering excellent customer support.  Now we want to help other agencies do the same for their business. 

Large brands have access to more resources than most independent insurance agencies. They can hire more staff, outsource more work, and keep growing. Your agency deserves the same chance but with the high-touch, personalized service your clients have come to expect. We’ve been there, too, and we know how hard it is to compete.


Cover Desk founder, Andy Priesman, is an insurance industry veteran with significant and extensive operational experience. He knows what it takes to make an independent insurance agency run well because he’s done it in his own business. Andy has blazed a trail of innovation in an industry not known for being on the cutting edge of technology or new processes.

With Cover Desk, he’s bringing his experience and innovation to agencies like his who need help competing against the big insurance brands.


The Cover Desk Cloud™ system is where the magic happens for independent insurance agencies working with our virtual professionals. It’s a fully secure environment where the work gets done and you can easily communicate with your virtual assistant. With the Cover Desk Cloud™ system, you get:

  • Turnkey solution
  • A robust Virtual Desktop environment
  • Full support from Cover Desk
  • A clear service level agreement with your virtual professional
  • Completely secure environment for client data


Cover Desk virtual assistants are located in the Philippines, a country known for its highly-educated workforce. All of the virtual assistants we work with are college-educated professionals. We work with the Philippines Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry which has edged out India as the call center lead of the world. The BPO is now the largest contributor to the Philippines gross domestic product. More than three-quarters (77%) of the Philippines BPO export is for US-based companies.

We have a pool of available and highly qualified candidates that we help train so they’re ready to work for you. Our workforce is ready to deploy now and for future growth. They are driven, eager, and educated professionals who take pride in their work and want what we all want -- to build a future for themselves, their families, and your agency.