Cover Desk

Cover Desk wants you to be the Independent Insurance Agency of the Future.

We’ll help you get there with our innovative approach that lets you focus on selling and building your business.

Save Time

Where do you lose hours every day? The day-to-day tasks of running an insurance agency. The things that you don’t need an insurance license to do. No matter how necessary it may be, when you’re doing this, you’re not selling.


Focus on Clients

Your clients get the help they need, when they need it. You get to focus on building your business and bringing in new clients. Even better, your virtual professional works 100% for you. They support your business, your clients, and your growth.


Grow Your Business

Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who takes care of all the tasks you don’t need a license to perform. They take the burden off of you and your staff without sacrificing customer service and support. You’re getting customer-facing help with lower overhead costs.


Why Cover Desk?

The world of insurance is changing. If you want to grow and thrive in a competitive world, you’ve got to innovate and find new ways to get the administrative work done. To help you succeed and grow, Cover Desk provides high-touch, client-facing virtual professionals for insurance agencies across the United States.



Cover Desk helps you find the best virtual professionals to join your team. You have full control over who you hire.



Train your new Cover Desk Team Member to follow your standards and meet your requirements through virtual training sessions.



Use our secure Cover Desk Cloud™ system to monitor the work your virtual assistant does and to give them access to the information they need.



Let your sales team focus on working with prospects and clients to do what they do best. Your virtual assistant will take care of the administrative tasks that don’t require an insurance license.


Hear what our clients have to say about Cover Desk.

I approached Cover Desk because I needed to free up my in house team members so they could spend more time with our clients and prospects and less time with the back end, administrative, data entry type tasks.  Andy and his team helped me find the best candidate to meet the needs of my agency as well as making sure our VA was the right fit within our team.  It was an easy process to schedule the interviews, decide on our VA and get him on-boarded very quickly.  The result has been a huge efficiency boost for our agency, my team is doing the work they love and handing off workload & projects that our VA can handle quickly & with little supervision.  I would definitely recommend Cover Desk to people who are looking to get more done, in less time, without costing a fortune!  Andy’s formula hits the jackpot!

Cover Desk has been a game changer for our agency! The virtual assistants we work with are knowledgeable, easy to work with and professional. Now that we can shift the busy work to our Cover Desk staff--providing exceptional customer service is no longer the struggle it once was. We are freed up to focus more on our client’s needs. Our clients and our staff are much happier! - Mary F.

We are thrilled to be working with Cover Desk ! We've been able to accomplish things that we've wanted to do for years and our overall productivity has improved dramatically. Our Cover Desk Virtual Assistants have become a valuable part of our team and have readily adopted our agency culture.