Need support? We’ve got you covered.

Cover Desk virtual assistants have extensive capabilities when it comes to supporting your business.

Your Cover Desk virtual assistant can be trained to perform tasks for home, auto and commercial line insurance, including:

  • Adding or removing drivers
  • Adjusting coverage on policies
  • Updating addresses, VINs or other corrections
  • Making policy edits and corrections including billing information
  • Changing payment plans
  • Updating discounts
  • Reviewing policy increases
  • Quoting new business
  • Remarketing accounts
  • Client communication
  • Collecting signatures
  • Distributing memos
  • Collecting new client information for new business quotes
  • Processing mortgagee changes
  • Sending documents for e-signature
  • Processing cancellations
  • Handling policy downloads
  • Completing certificates of insurance
  • Ordering loss runs
  • Policy checking
  • After-hours phone service
  • File auditing
  • Claims follow up
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing and social media management
  • And much more!

Finding the right fit

Cover Desk virtual assistants are a direct extension of your business. For this reason, we do not simply assign someone to you. Instead, you are part of the hiring process from the beginning. Cover Desk works with you to conduct a two-stage interview to ensure that you are in control of who you hire.

How many hours can your team member work?

Cover Desk virtual assistants work a minimum of 40 hours per week per team member. You can request additional hours as needed. Though you pay for their time, you do not pay their benefits, payroll tax or unemployment. Cover Desk takes care of that, immediately decreasing your overhead costs.