Andy Priesman, Founder & CEO

Cover Desk Founder and CEO Andy Priesman is an insurance industry veteran with significant and extensive operational experience. He knows what it takes to make an independent insurance agency run well because he’s done it in his own business. Priesman has blazed a trail of innovation in an industry not known for being on the cutting edge of technology or new processes. With Cover Desk, Priesman brings his wealth of experience and innovation to agencies like his that need help competing against big insurance brands.

Kelsey Tenaillon, Sr. Director of Business Development

Working with Andy Priesman since 2012, Kelsey Tenaillon has been an integral part of Cover Desk operations and business development since its inception in 2018. As director of business development, she brings extensive insurance, management and training experience to Cover Desk. Tenaillon has been instrumental in the creation and coordination of Cover Desk training processes and currently acts as the initial point person between insurance agencies and Cover Desk virtual assistants, ensuring seamless on-boarding. Her passions lie in creating long-term, successful relationships with clients and relishing in the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the business.

Sylvia Mayer, Director of Operations

Sylvia Mayer is Cover Desk’s director of operations, serving as a leader in organizational development, management, planning and training. Six Sigma Green Belt certified with 20 years of corporate learning and development and international vendor account management experience, she has worked for leading Fortune 50 Companies including Dell, FedEx and Sears Holdings Corporation. A key member of the executive monitoring and decision-making structures, Mayer helps to streamline and guide all operational aspects critical to Cover Desk functions.

Mark Glaug, Director | Client Success

With 18 years of insurance and training experience, Mark Glaug is Cover Desk’s client relationship manager. He is responsible for fostering and nurturing client relationships, helping to streamline the on-boarding process for agencies and integrate their new virtual assistants into the business. Prior to joining Cover Desk, Glaug owned and operated an insurance agency and also worked for a Houston-based insurance group in which he trained independent insurance agents and acted as territory manager. A true people person, Glaug is passionate about creating efficiencies for agents, helping them achieve success in their business.

Rona Deluz Marcelo-Busa, COO

Ron Marcelo-Busa is the general manager and head of operations for Cover Desk Philippines. A natural-born leader, she has been with Cover Desk since 2018 and is responsible for building and supervising a reliable team in the Philippines while overseeing daily business operations. Marcelo-Buso has nearly a decade of BPO, KPO and management experience and has previously worked as an instructor, senior recruiter and human resource consultant. She is a true representation of Filipino talent and an integral part of Cover Desk Philippines.

Melinda Donahue, Accounting

Melinda Donahue joined the Cover Desk team in April 2018. She manages all financial accounting aspects of the business. Prior to joining Cover Desk, Donahue spent 15 years in the mortgage industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications from Texas State University.