Why the Philippines?

Filipino call center agents are more capable of making independent decisions and going off-script to meet customer needs than any other agents in the world.

Ninety-five percent are college graduates in sciences such as nursing, information technology and engineering. English is one of three official languages in the Philippines. In fact, citizens of the Philippines have been recognized as having the best business English skills in the world.

In 2017, a leading full-service strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investments rated the Philippines within the top 20 places for outsourcing.

Philippines facts

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is the world’s most densely populated city, housing over 1.7 million people in 24 square miles.

Filipinos are very tech savvy. They send more texts than the U.S. and Europe combined and spend more time on social media than the average person.

Filipinos place a very high value on family, health and happiness. Studies have shown that Filipinos consider themselves the happiest people, compared to people in the West and other Asian countries.

Over 10 million Filipinos live and work outside of the Philippines. The Filipino culture represents a large variety influences, including American and European.

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