Cover Desk virtual assistants are located in the Philippines, a country known for its highly educated workforce. All of our virtual assistants are college-educated professionals. We work with the Philippines Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry which has surpassed India as the call center lead of the world. The BPO is now the largest contributor to the Philippines gross domestic product. More than three-quarters of the Philippines BPO export is for U.S.-based companies.

At Cover Desk, we have a pool of available and highly qualified candidates who are extensively trained and ready to work for you. Our workforce is comprised of driven, eager, educated professionals who take pride in their work.

Our team wants what we all want: to build a future for themselves, their families and your agency.

What differentiates our team?

We know that onboarding and training take a great deal of time, energy and expense. We pride ourselves on providing virtual assistants who are both capable and qualified—able to pick up your processes quickly and jump right in.

Our virtual assistants have worked for North American, Australian and European companies such as AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Citibank, United Healthcare, Verizon, and more, for two to four years.

All candidates are English-speaking, highly skilled and educated. They work when you do and are available during your office hours, despite the time difference.

What makes Cover Desk different from other outsource options?

Once you select the team member(s) who best fit your agency needs, we begin the training you need to properly follow your processes. Though our virtual assistants each possess a unique skill set, they are ready and able to learn your business. Your Cover Desk virtual professional is a customer-facing team member hired to work for your agency and help achieve your goals.