Here’s what our Claims Assistants
can do for your Agency :

First Notice of Loss

  • Intake from Insured
  • Lookup of policy in your system (if neccesary)
  • Handoff to carrier
  • Update agent via email
  • After-hours coverage (available for an additional fee)
  • Provide insured education before filing a claim — proper mitigation,
  • coverage limits, deductable, etc.)

Initial Claim Check

  • Call insured regarding a claim recently reported
    • Intro on behalf of agency
    • What are damages/allegations ?
    • Guidance on mitigation/documentation
    • Have they heard from their adjuster?
    • Any questions or concerns?
  • Email bullets with info above to agency

Claim Follow-Up

  • Interact with insured
    • Call carrier and get claim info – adjuster, claim #, status OR
    • Respond to insured query and obtain requested details

Insured 10-day Follow-up

  • Call insured to check in on the claim process – are they getting taken care of, any questions, etc.
  • Update agent via email

Open Claims Review

  • Review of open files
  • Inquire with carrier regarding reserves