Where do you start?

You need administrative help and want your budget to stretch as far as possible. With Cover Desk, the process is simple and straightforward.

  • Cover Desk matches you with potential virtual assistant professionals.
  • Together with the Cover Desk team, you then conduct virtual interviews with your selected candidates.
  • Next, you choose your Cover Desk team members.
  • And get started in days, not weeks!

How does our process help your insurance agency?

If you’ve been working in insurance for any amount of time, you know the struggles.

  • Finding the right talent in your community feels impossible.
  • Your administrative to-do list keeps getting longer because everyone is busy working on the operational and profitable aspects of the insurance business.
  • You're struggling with absences and turnover.
  • You want to implement the "less is more" model—fewer people in the office, better quality of life for employees.
  • It's hard to create a great client experience and cover expenses at the same time.
  • You need your sales team to focus on building the insurance business by working with prospects, following up on leads and helping clients, instead of worrying about administrative tasks that can be a waste of their talent and your payroll.

How Cover Desk can help

You went into the insurance business wanting to find success and help people in your communities. As a hometown independent insurance agency, you have a place in your community and the insurance industry. But the world moves faster than it once did, and it’s harder for small businesses to keep up. You deserve access to the same tools that big brands use.

Designed with your agency in mind, Cover Desk makes your job easier and your company more profitable. With Cover Desk, you can innovate without breaking the budget. You have access to smart, innovative technology and highly skilled virtual professionals to help you achieve the success you deserve. We keep you competitive, helping you become a growing, thriving insurance agency with promising future success.